Convenient solutions for planned maintenance, damage, and break downs for your fleet of forklifts, sweepers, or other equipment. 

Most forklift and equipment repairs can be completed on site and will get your facility back to full operation or possibly prevent down time completely.  Our technicians have years of experience on several major brands and models.  On-site we can troubleshoot and repair most items.  Lakeshore Lift Truck specializes in Stärke, Combi, Toyota, CAT, and Yale.   We are able to work on any manufacture of forklift.    Planned jobs are available quoted.

    On-site services:

    • Tire grooving
    • Hose repairs
    • OEM parts
    • PM service
    • Carriage rebuild
    • Steer axle rebuild
    • Troubleshoot no starts
    • Diagnostics for Combi lifts
    • Tire Grooving

    Outside services:

    • Cylinder rebuild
    • Tire pressing
    • Welding
    • Hoses
    • OEM parts

    Never miss a PM again!

    We offer an automated system to schedule all of your planned maintenance.

    Fleet management is a customer favorite.  This allows us to help your business stay running.